Hank's Pub is a family run business.

Philip and Geoffrey are both vegans who are passionate about sharing the accessibility, affordability and basically the deliciousness of vegan food! They also love to eat out - and know that dining out is an occasion and that the experience should be special. Every time.


From humble beginnings as an online delivery business, to having a deli, shop and now a pub and restaurant the entire team at Hank's share a common desire to provide wonderful food, excellent service and to make each of our customers feel like an old friend.


We are also very conscious about our impact on our local community and the world at large. We think about these things before we think about profits. If we can source products from a local producer, we will and do! From baked goods to beers - some of our products are made down the road or across town. Of course, this isn't always possible so we try and strike the balance of price, sustainability and availability to bring you a great experience at an affordable price.


If at all possible, we try and use suppliers that follow our own ethics as well. If we can, we buy from other vegan companies. We try and support other small businesses, UK businesses or at least ones that we think are trying to improve our planet or at least minimise the impact they have upon it. You many notice a few missing 'big brands' from our menus. We don't mention names, but on these occasions, we simply don't wish to support a company that brings harm to animals, to the environment or to it's employees.


They are not always easy choices - but you have chosen to support a local business, that employs local people and keeps money in the local economy and we will always try and pass that on! If you would like to get in touch with Philip or Geoff or just email a question, comment or concern - drop us a message on socials or email hi@hankspub.co.uk


Thanks for choosing vegan!